With the vast years of experience accumulated by the staff at Nemesis Consultancy, media is an important part of our successes. We’ve showcased a few collections to highlight the dedication and commitment of our highly successful team.


Ken Moroney, was the NSW Commissioner of Police from 2002 to 2007. He has a remarkable track record of 42 years in the Police Force. Ken has been frequently commended and awarded for his outstanding leadership abilities. With around 20,000 personnel, the NSW Police Force is one of the largest in the world.Since his retirement from the Police Force in 2007, Ken has founded Nemesis and has continued to share his expertise and experience in a number of fields.


He chairs a number of boards including:


~ Board of Management, Australian Graduate School of Police Management

~ Board of Management, New South Wales Police Command College

~ Automated Number Plate Recognition Sponsoring Group, Federal Attorney General’s Department

~ National Case Management Project, Federal Attorney General’s Department

~ Board of Directors, New South Wales Police Credit Union


Ken has significant experience in the management and leadership during emergency recovery operations in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Ken Moroney, AO APM MA


Peter was a member of the NSW Police Force for 17 years. Recently retiring as a Detective Sergeant, his predominant experience is in the field of criminal investigations. As a former Detective Sergeant, and more recently as the Investigations Manager, NSW Crime Commission, Peter has in-depth widespread knowledge of managing and conducting criminal investigations. Peter has extensive experience in:


~ Managing and conducting complex criminal investigations such as counter-terrorism, homicide, drugs, money laundering, sexual assault, asset confiscation matters, organised crime, alleged breach of internal policies & procedures and fraud.

~ Developing and establishing Investigation practice and procedures

~ Security risk assessment and management

~ Design, development and implementation of risk management plans, policies and procedures

~ Liaising with State, Federal and International government organisations

~ Collection, collation and storage of information and intelligence

~ Ensuring compliance with Departmental, State and Commonwealth legislation

~ Interviewing witnesses, victims, suspects, legal advisors, government organisations and financial institutions

~ Knowledge of operational strategies and deployment of appropriate evidence gathering techniques

~ Preparation and presentation of evidence during court proceedings

~ Quality assurance and ensuring professional standards of investigation and communication with partner agencies.




Peter Moroney

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