Police Legacy Back Up for Life Expo 2016

Nemesis Back Up for Life Exhibition banner

Nemesis founders Ken and Peter Moroney know all too well about life in the NSW Police Force. With nearly 60 years of loyal service between them, they have spent a good portion of their lives embedded in law enforcement and the lifestyle that it provides. However when it’s time to move on, what comes next? That’s where the Back Up for Life Exhibition can help.

What is Back Up for Life?

The NSW Police Legacy is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in support for serving and retired Police Officers and their families during times of tragedy and need. They have been helping Police families for generations. Recently they partnered with Government to create a program called ‘Backup for Life’ whereby a number of support systems are put in place for officers and their families. One such objective is the establishment of the annual exhibition to showcase support services, career opportunities, training programs and other initiatives. So when it comes time for Police Officers to make the transition into civilian life they and their families will be well equiped to make the change.

How is Nemesis Consultancy Group involved?

At Nemesis Consultancy Group we are proud to be a partner in this event. We will be providing a stand where attendees can explore opportunities for continued career advancement after leaving the NSW Police Force. We will be providing advice in the areas of investigation, security and surveillance and are happy to take your questions. The skills acquired, developed and refined inside the NSW Police Force can a tremendous asset to you when you decide it’s time to leave. So let us show you how to capitalise on them.

Peter Moroney and the Nemesis team will be at the exhibition to answer any enquiries regarding making the step out of the Police Force. They can answer your queries regarding a career in investigations, surveillance or security related fields.

The expo will be on Friday, 28 October in the Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Gardens.

For more information about the services that Nemesis Consultancy Group will be showcasing, take a look at our services overview. And for more information on the NSW Police Legacy Back Up for Life initiatives, check out their website at www.policelegacynsw.org.au/what-is-backup-for-life/.