The Principle Of Investigation Planning

When it comes to an investigation there is a uniform objective across all, and that is to uncover the facts. In regard to a disciplinary investigation, for example, this may be relevant to uncovering the facts as they relate to an allegation of bullying or harassment.

An Investigation Plan is an extremely important tool for an investigator. It identifies the objectives of the investigation, what processes, procedures and policies will be used to measure the alleged conduct. It will also include the people to be interviewed, anticipated timeframes, and in some instances the financial costs along with the risks involved.

All disciplinary investigations undertaken by Nemesis require a completed, and detailed, investigation plan when tasked by a client to look in to matters of concern. This will assist our investigators to properly plan, record and navigate an investigation to completion.

A good investigation plan will include the background to the complaint, which should sufficiently provide the investigator with an understanding as to:

  • Who made the complaint (where possible)
  • Time period the complaint covers (start date – end date)
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Who the complaint relates too

The above provides all the information needed for the context of an investigation to be understood and assist in developing the scope of the Investigation Plan.

In addition to the background information, all investigation plans should have a scope of engagement. Known as ‘Investigation Scope’, this element is vitally important in avoiding investigation creep (moving away from the parameters of the investigation), which results in increased costs.

The more details contained within the plan, the less chance there is of the investigation heading down a path that’s not relevant.

If at any point during the investigation, the scope or the direction needs to change, we have processes in place that ensure all relevant parties will be informed, and consulted, about any changes to the plan. All approvals will be sought before any changes are implemented.

All Nemesis investigators are highly trained and experienced with the development of investigation plans, guaranteeing their relevance to the client’s policies and procedures.
Nemesis investigators are skilled in conducting both electronically recorded interviews and typed statements. They are drawn from the ranks of local government, law enforcement, judicial and insurance industries, with experience in public and private sector environments.

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