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Leadership at all levels of our organisations is critical and our leaders must not only possess relevant leadership qualifications, but demonstrate a practical application of those skills.  Accountability of your leadership team requires a strong commitment to organisational goals and to the crucial areas of people and business management.  To realise these goals, clients need the assurance of a strong, knowledgeable mentor with a no nonsense approach.

To help executive and senior managers achieve key goals and strategic initiatives, Nemesis offers one-to-one counselling and mentoring where clients are assured of confidentiality.  Emphasis is given to strategic and tactical decision-making, with particular emphasis on professional relationships at all levels, trust, reliability and dependability.

Ken Moroney AO APM has a proven record of practical experience of more than 50 years in dealing with private and public sector organisations and their leaders.  He knows what works and offers strong support to achieve your organisation’s goal for your leaders.

For more information on Nemesis Coaching & Mentoring services please use our online enquiries form or call us on 1300 1 NEMESIS (1300 1 63637).

Ken Moroney at Nemesis Consultancy Group

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