Disaster Recovery & Emergency Management at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Unfortunately, natural disasters are a fact of life, and some communities in Australia are more affected than others. Natural disaster situations that government agencies, non-government organisations, charities and the community need to plan for include:

  • floods
  • cyclones
  • tsunamis
  • bushfires
  • drought
  • damaging storms
  • landslides


Planning, preparation, response and recovery arrangements are critical to community reassurance and to restoring order.

Government agencies need also to prepare and respond to man-made events including cyber security issues and acts of terrorism. The same principles apply equally.

Our clients have included NSW Premier and Cabinet, Transport for NSW (Sydney Metro North West and Sydney Metro City and South West), NSW State Emergency Services and Roads and Traffic Authority (now Roads and Maritime Services).

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Preparation & Planning

Preparation and Planning at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Meticulous preparation and planning for disaster recovery is vital, and adherence to the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act (1989) is paramount. This provides structure to response and recovery management, minimises risks to rescue personnel and ensures that affected communities receive the best support possible. Holistic recovery arrangements, whilst a separate feature of community confidence and resilience, are an important adjunct to the response arrangements provided by the emergency services and non-government organisations.

Nemesis provides experienced consultancy services to relevant Commonwealth, state and local government agencies and private sector agencies on the Act and its requirements. This provides for the review of existing emergency and crisis management plans to ensure their contemporary nature, pre-planning of scenarios, and the co-ordination of roles for government rescue, response and recovery services as well as volunteer and industry-based organisations.

Recovery Co-ordination

Recovery Co-ordination at Nemesis Consultancy Group

As well as providing high-level consultancy advice on disaster response and recovery arrangements, Nemesis provides specific co-ordination services in the wake of natural and other disasters. This was seen in our role as Regional Emergency Recovery Co-ordinator in the Far North Coast floods of 2009 and the recovery effort on the Mid North and Central Coast regions of NSW. This task required the co-ordination of Commonwealth, state and local government agencies, private individuals and industry-based groups in support of the affected communities, and in restoring confidence in the affected communities.

Confidence through Experience

Nemesis has substantial experience in the co-ordination of recovery efforts and assisting communities in regaining confidence in the aftermath of natural and other disasters.

Our two principal experts are Ken Moroney AO APM and Dave Owens, former NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner and State Emergency Operations Controller (SEOCON).

Ken has received several commendations for his service and leadership in disaster recovery management situations.   Dave was appointed by the NSW Government as State Disaster Recovery Co-ordinator in 2016 for the East Coast Low.

Ken Moroney at Nemesis Consultancy Group

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