Liquor & Gaming Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

The liquor and gaming industry in NSW (and other states and territories) is continually changing.

Nemesis has worked with venues of varying sizes to bring about positive change to the manner in which they comply with industry requirements.

Nemesis engages with Patrick Paroz who is one of the most experienced gaming and liquor practitioners in NSW.

Patrick is the former Commander, Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination, NSW Police Force. Patrick was required to ensure high levels of compliance with alcohol and licensing legislation. Patrick developed the NSW Police Force Alcohol Plan 2014-2018.

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What We Provide

As part of our gaming and liquor services, Nemesis can provide:

  • safety and compliance audits
  • plans of management – designed to meet all liquor licence conditions, DA obligations, and legislative requirements, based on identified risk factors for individual venues and tailored to each client’s needs
  • training – tailored to each client, including designing and implementing effective proactive strategies to meet intoxication guidelines and Responsible Service of Alcohol requirements. Nemesis designs and delivers training for all levels of staff and management in how to build rapport, engage and document contact with law enforcement and regulatory bodies during venue inspections
  • review and/or critique police submissions on new licence or extended trading applications
  • alcohol-related crime statistics analysis
  • advice and expert evidence for disciplinary proceedings or prosecutions
  • stakeholder engagement – police, Liquor and Gaming NSW, Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, local councils
  • practical advice regarding compliance in all aspects of the Liquor Act and regulations

For more information on Nemesis Liquor & Gaming services please use our online enquiries form or call us on 1300 1 NEMESIS (1300 1 63637)