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Our Approach

A Nemesis online investigation is an ethical, transparent and systematic search of the internet to identify, preserve, analyse and report on open source information relevant to an individual or company.

Our analysts are from many backgrounds including insurance, legal, law enforcement and military. Our analysts know the importance of unbiased, detailed information to making critical decisions.

We are able to take on different types of online investigations according to clients’ needs.

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Insurance Industry – A strategic solution

Insurance Industry Solutions at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis is one of the leading online open source investigation companies in Australia for the insurance industry. Nemesis has conducted more than 1400 individual investigations for insurance companies, using more than 7000 hours of online searches. Nemesis has completed successful online investigations of persons on claim living in Australia, New Zealand, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Canada, the United States and Iran.

Online open source investigation enables Nemesis to identify and provide information that traditional investigation methods may not. Searches may identify information about online activities, for example, so that the client can make a more informed decision about the acceptance or management of a claim.

Nemesis will analyse the information, explore leads and report on those results so that the client is not left wondering about the relevance of the information discovered.

The Nemesis difference is in our ability to search the web, find and analyse the available information. An online investigation, sometimes referred to as a social media search or desktop search, is a systematic search, review and analysis of open source information. It is not a cut-and-paste of material from the internet given to the client in an unworkable document.

Nemesis online insurance investigations have a flat fee, so that budgets can be forecast.

“An online investigation is not just a cut-and-paste of material from the internet given to the client in an unworkable document.”

Case Study #1

Nemesis was engaged to undertake an online investigation. The purpose was to obtain any information regarding the individual that would assist in the ongoing assessment and management of the claim.

Nemesis was able to obtain information from open source searches that supported that the individual was not engaged in activities contrary to their reported medical restrictions and condition.

Nemesis’ investigation report, together with other case specific information, assisted the insurer in making a more timely decision to pay the claim in full, which resulted in the expedient resolution of the claim to the benefit of the insured person.

Case Study #2

Nemesis was engaged by the underwriting division of an insurance company to locate and provide information on an individual who had applied for insurance.

Working with the underwriters to identify areas of risk Nemesis was able to tailor a cost effective and definitive approach to the online investigation. Focusing on the specific areas of social media, financial records and prior litigation the experts at Nemesis were able to achieve timely, detailed and precise results.

The detailed Nemesis investigation report was used by the underwriters to determine the relevant risk factors applicable to the application.

Case Study #3

An insurance company engaged Nemesis to develop a strategic investigation solution for an individual on long term claim. Nemesis carried out an online investigation and identified that the individual was participating in work related activity. Nemesis undertook a period of surveillance around the identified work activity and gathered sufficient evidence to prove the insured was working whilst on claim. Nemesis was further engaged to undertake a factual investigation with the insured. The insured admitted to working whilst receiving benefits.

This resulted in a detailed written report, including all the obtained evidence. The claim was subsequently closed.

‘Know Your’ series of online investigations Employee, supplier or client


In today’s increasingly competitive market, organisations cannot afford to engage employees, clients or suppliers who are untruthful in their tender applications or unethical or unscrupulous in their business dealings. These actions could lead to brand embarrassment or other negative reflections on a client.

As part of our ‘Know Your’ online investigations, Nemesis will conduct open source due diligence style investigations into a potential employee, supplier or client and will provide a detailed written report, which may include:

  • director-related searches to identify all associated Australian companies
  • charting of director- and entity-related searches
  • open source searches and reporting relevant to individual or company personnel
  • searches relevant to bankruptcy, litigation and possible criminal records (dependent upon country)
  • credential enquiries
  • company-related searches
  • credit information
  • address location enquiries
  • financial records relevant to the supplier (where accessible)
  • regulatory offences (subject to category of business)
  • regulatory licensing requirements and compliance
  • social media related information (negative and positive)

Nemesis currently undertakes Know Your Supplier’ enquiries for a major retailer within Australia. The information has assisted in the decision making process of whether or not to engage with the supplier.

'Know Your Supplier' Case Study #1

Nemesis was engaged by a supermarket retailer to undertake a ‘Know Your Supplier’  online investigation of several short listed suppliers. Through our ‘Know Your Supplier’ searches we identified that several of these potential suppliers were not appropriately licensed to undertake the intended activities.

Nemesis provided a detailed written assessment of their findings to the client. This enabled them to make a more informed decision resulting in time and cost savings whilst protecting them from potential litigation and damage to their reputation.

'Know Your Employee' Case Study #2

Nemesis was engaged by a large licensing and gaming establishment to undertake a ‘Know Your Employee’ online investigation of several candidates under consideration for employment as a senior executive. Nemesis was able to carry out detailed open source searches relevant to each individual.

The establishment was supplied a detailed investigation report regarding the candidates online presence. The expert investigators at Nemesis were able to provide this establishment with an extra level of assurance and confidence when making their recruitment decision.

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