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Counter Terrorism

Unfortunately, the manner in which the world now functions brings with it an ever-increasing security threat from terrorism.

Peter is a former senior detective with the NSW Police Force Terrorism Investigations Squad. Peter was predominately responsible for the investigation and subsequent criminal trial of Australia’s largest terrorism investigation and prosecution. All nine persons pleaded or were found guilty.

Peter has investigated or studied terrorism and terrorist-related trends in the US, Northern Ireland, France, Egypt, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Peter has been awarded several commendations and medals relating to his terrorism work and developed and wrote the NSW Police Force counter-terrorism investigator’s course.

Since leaving the NSW Police Force, Peter has worked jointly with former senior ASIO personnel to develop a holistic approach to terrorism planning for private and government organisations.

Nemesis offers highly specialised training courses that include situational awareness, psychological readiness and counter-terrorism awareness. The training is aimed at enhancing security awareness of the participants through positive behavioural change. Our training uses concepts from evidence-based psychological theory, coupled with lessons derived from law enforcement and security intelligence, to enhance participants’ ability to quickly identify, assess and respond to situation-based security threats.

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Industrial Action Preparedness

Industrial Action Preparedness at Nemesis Consultancy Group

For several years, Nemesis has been involved with one of Australia’s large construction companies in reviewing and developing security and investigative counter-measures to limit the impact of industrial action to business.

Nemesis industrial action programs include desktop training exercises with all levels of personnel, from supervisors to the CEO, to discuss situational variables and courses of action for an impending industrial action period.

Nemesis can provide security guards and investigators to fulfil specific roles within an organisation where required to ensure a one-stop security measure.

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Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessments at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis can review and/or develop a range of security risk assessments and management plans to suit any organisation. This includes, but is not limited to, physical security of buildings, infrastructure, supply chains and assets whether they be on land, air or sea.

Nemesis will work with your organisation to provide a risk assessment report, which may include specific treatment options or solutions.


Security Guards at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis is licensed to undertake security guard related functions. Nemesis security guards are drawn from ex-law enforcement or military backgrounds and all guards are well-trained and experienced.

Nemesis holds appropriate licence classes in various Australian states. So get in contact with us to see if we can assist at your next event.

For more information on Nemesis Security & Counter Terrorism services please use our online enquiries form or call us on 1300 1 NEMESIS (1300 1 63637).