Strategic Investigations with Nemesis Consultancy Group

The Nemesis Approach

Since its establishment in 2008, Nemesis has built its reputation by delivering strategic investigation services tailored to clients’ needs.

Our investigations can include a detailed and mutually agreed Scope and Purpose document together with comprehensive investigation plans. Throughout the investigation process, clients receive written progress reports.

Nemesis operates a tailor-made case management system, iNemesis. This system was specifically designed to ensure transparency, accountability and functionality in the investigation process. Clients, if they wish, may be granted access to track and monitor their investigation and identify and request specific lines of enquiry.

Nemesis investigators are skilled in conducting both electronically recorded interviews and typed statements and are drawn from ranks of law enforcement, judicial and insurance industries with experience in public and private sector environments.

To ensure they maintain currency with the shifting investigative and judicial landscape, our investigators undertake regular in-service training provided by Australian Institute for Security & Investigation Training (AISIT), which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO# 41535).

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Advanced Systems

An integral part of any investigation is the interview. To ensure procedural and legislative requirements are satisfied, and to be certain of achieving best evidence, Nemesis investigators utilise the TILES System® interview management software. The TILES System® software casts a digital footprint across investigative interviewing workflows, enabling investigators to plan, conduct and evaluate investigative interviews in any investigative context.  The software delivers a strategic advantage to Nemesis clients who are able to review and contribute to interview strategies and objectives if required.

Interview Management Systems, used by Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis is proud to be the only approved private investigating firm in Australia to manage our investigative interviewing workflow using an interactive digital interview management solution to deliver unrivalled transparency and accountability on behalf of our clients.

iNemesis was specifically designed to ensure transparency, accountability and functionality in the investigation process.

All Nemesis investigations are conducted in accordance with the National Privacy Principles, the Privacy Act 1988, other specified legislation such as the Surveillance Devices Act and, where relevant, organisational codes of conduct and industry codes of practice.

Responsibility and Experience

Peter Moroney at Nemesis Consultancy Group

All Nemesis investigations are reviewed weekly and supervised by Peter Moroney. Peter has extensive practical and managerial investigation experience from 18 years in the NSW Police Force, as well as the past several years working on behalf of various insurance companies and law firms.

Disciplinary investigations (code of conduct/ bullying/ harassment)

Disciplinary Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Disciplinary investigations are designed to identify a finding of fact as to whether a person has engaged in certain behaviour and if so, whether that behaviour has breached legislation or organisational policies such as bullying and harassment policies or codes of conduct.

It is imperative that disciplinary investigations are conducted with integrity, fairness, impartiality and competence. Equally, a clear investigation scope and purpose ensures that the investigation starts with clear, achievable objectives, eliminating investigation creep.

Nemesis can manage the entire disciplinary investigation process from receiving and documenting a complaint through to developing an allegation letter, interviewing parties and finalising the investigation with a detailed written report.

Nemesis currently provides their services in this area to private clients including law firms as well as to several NSW councils. Nemesis is an approved panel provider of disciplinary investigations for several state and federal government departments.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Traditionally, there is a need for a workers’ compensation matter to be completed shortly after a reported workplace injury. Nemesis workers’ compensation investigators are well versed in the legislative requirements of undertaking timely and ethical workers’ compensation investigations. Investigators work closely with each client to ensure evidence is obtained appropriately and provided quickly so the client can make a well informed and timely decision about the claim.

We currently provide services in this area to insurance clients, private businesses and government industry. Nemesis also reviews of such investigations on behalf of law firms to assist in preparing independent, more detailed investigations of historical complaints.

Income Protection / Totally Permanent Disabled

Income Protection Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis income protection and Total and Permanent Disability investigators have specialised extra training to understand clients’ policies and develop interview plans to gather the right information so that clients can make the most informed decisions on claims.

Nemesis currently provides services in this area as an approved panel provider to insurance companies throughout Australia.

Public Liability Claims

Public Liability Investigations with Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis public liability investigators are well versed in the requirements of investigating public liability claims.

Nemesis is currently engaged by a NSW Government agency to investigate their public liability claims in consultation with the engaged law firms.

Death or Serious Workplace Accidents

Death and Serious Injury Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

The serious injury or death of a person in a workplace accident is tragic. The investigations by various state or federal agencies that follow can often be overwhelming to the relevant organisation. For several years, Nemesis has undertaken investigations into workplace accidents where serious injury or death has occurred.

The investigation process can include incident scene preservation and examination, interviewing, and reviewing systems, processes and procedures central to the task being undertaken prior to the accident. They key to the investigation is to establish what happened, how and why it happened, and most importantly what can be learnt from it.

Nemesis has undertaken such investigations for an international mining company in Papua New Guinea as well as several mining organisations in Australia.

We are experienced in working with clients’ lawyers and operating under instruction protected by legal professional privilege.

Specialist Investigations

Specialist Investigations with Nemesis Consultancy Group

No matter what the investigation need, Nemesis’ range of experience and expertise in criminal and civil investigations will ensure that clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

Nemesis conducts investigations on behalf of high profile clients, sporting personalities and celebrities that require precision with maximum discretion. Often, the investigations may include allegations of improper and/or criminal conduct by employees.

Nemesis has undertaken confidential and highly specialised investigations for international government clients relating to allegations of fraud, money laundering and theft, where reporting was by way of direct report to the Deputy Prime Minister of the client country.

Nemesis investigation capability and reach permits Nemesis to operate effectively in almost any country of the world.

Tailored Solutions

Specialist Investigations at Nemesis Consultancy Group

Nemesis can provide effective solutions to investigation problems. The investigation, depending on the scope, can include support from surveillance, security and forensic review.

Where required, Nemesis investigations are supported by qualified analytical support. Nemesis intelligence staff are former law enforcement analysts who have experience in the United Kingdom, United Nations, Australia and the US. Their experience enables large quantities of data to be analysed and simplified into results clients can understand.

Investigation strategies can include drawing support from surveillance, electronic monitoring (where permitted by law) and analysis and charting of evidence.

No matter what your investigation needs are, Nemesis will develop a solution.

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