Ken Moroney AO, APM MA

Ken Moroney, was the NSW Commissioner of Police from 2002 to 2007. He has a remarkable track record of 42 years in the Police Force. Ken has been frequently commended and awarded for his outstanding leadership abilities. With around 20,000 personnel, the NSW Police Force is one of the largest in the world.

Since his retirement from the Police Force in 2007, Ken has founded Nemesis and has continued to share his expertise and experience in a number of fields.

He chairs a number of boards including:

~ Board of Management, Australian Graduate School of Police Management

~ Board of Management, New South Wales Police Command College

~ Automated Number Plate Recognition Sponsoring Group, Federal Attorney General’s Department

~ National Case Management Project, Federal Attorney General’s Department

~ Board of Directors, New South Wales Police Credit Union

Ken Moroney - Founder of Nemesis Consultancy Group

Ken Moroney AO, APM MA, Founder of Nemesis Consultancy Group

And is member of the following groups:

~ State Parole Authority

~ Law Enforcement Advisory Panel, United Nations and World Bank Project

~ Conduct Division, Judicial Commission of NSW

~ State Council, St Johns Ambulance

Ken has significant experience in the management and leadership during emergency recovery operations in the aftermath of natural disasters. His experience includes:

~ Thredbo landslide disaster (1997)

~ NSW bushfires (late 2001 – early 2002)

~ Hunter and Central Coast floods (2007)

More recently, Ken was appointed as Regional Emergency Recovery Co-ordinator of the Mid and Far North Coast flood recovery effort (2009). As part of Nemesis, Ken has conducted several major reviews including:

~ “A Review of the Interoperability between the Australian Federal Police and its National Security Partners” 2008

~ “An Operational Assessment of Security Management Arrangements for Carnival Australia (P&O Cruises)” 2008

~ ”An Enhancement to Operating Protocols between Carnival Australia and Police at Ports-of-Call in the Pacific Region and Australia” 2008

~ “The Development of a Standard Operational Protocol between Carnival Australia and Police at Australian Ports-of-Call”  2009

Ken holds a number of tertiary qualifications including:

~ Doctor of the University (Honoris Causa) Charles Sturt University

~ Master of Arts (Macquarie University)

~ Diploma of Justice Administration (Charles Sturt University)

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